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What We Do

Every year, we help Floridians navigate the complex process of filing insurance claims and securing fair compensation during what is often a challenging and emotional time due to loss or damage of a home or business.

We accurately inspect all areas to demonstrate the entire impact of a loss-producing event and work to help you receive your claim reimbursement as early as possible.

Our Public Adjusters can help you with claims of all types including, roof, flood, windows, personal property, structural damage and much more.

If it was damaged, we can help you!

Types Of Claims

Report a claim is not a decision it is a duty under your insurance policy!

Plumbing Leak

Plumbing Claims

Your homeowner's insurance policy should cover any sudden and unexpected water damage due to a plumbing malfunction or broken pipe. However, most home insurance policies may contain cap limits and exclusion that prevent homeowners from recovering the total cost of the repairs.

Roof Leak

Roof Leak Claims

Homeowner's insurance may cover roof damage, depending on what caused the damage. For instance, homeowners insurance may help cover the cost of repairs if a named storm or a fallen tree damages your roof. However, some policy covers roof leaks without the need for named storms or hurricane events.

Hurricane Damages

Hurricane Claims

After a storm comes a calm, the proverb tells us that in principle, in nature, no season remains forever. But, most often, this is not the case for homeowners. A long war begins with their insurance company. Denied letters, short payment, and high depreciation are some of the weapons used by the carrier to delay payment for homeowners.


Mold Claims

Most of the homeowner's insurance policy provides coverage for mold remediation. It is very critical to mitigating mold damages to prevent health problems. Symptoms for mold are watery and itchy eyes, redness of the eyes, coughing, skin irritation, wheezing, fever, difficulty of breathing and runny nose.


Fire Claims

Obtaining suitable compensation for your fire-damaged property isn't always straightforward. The insurance company will ask for considerable paperwork. Scoping a fire loss demand a high knowledge of estimation due to the complexity of the claim. Smok from fire travel by the entire property causing additional damages that are hiding but tent to appears later when usually is late to claim for them.


Vandalism Claims

Yes, you can claim any damage to your property due to vandalism. Insurance adjusters often limit the scope of damage to minimizing payment. We ensure to scope all the relative damage derived from the incident maximizing your claim settlement.

Full Claim Representation

Report a loss to the insurance company is the first step in a claim process. This process can take differents avenues to reach a settlement.

What people say about us

Ricardo Public Adjusters.

Very responsible and made my claim in a very professional matter. I had tried another adjuster before, and nothing. He did it and solved my roof problem so quickly. Incredible, but true couldn't believe it. I got the check and did my Metal roof. I Love my new roof. Thank you, Ricardo.
Thermo Kid Corp.
Found on Facebook advertisement. Contacted and came the same day on time. Explained my situation. He then inspected areas of concern, educated me on my options, and gave me an honest opinion. Although I believe he will make me a Happy Client in the preliminary stages, I can recommend him to others. Thanks in advance, Ricardo.
Wayne Clark
Thank you, Daines, and Ricardo's team for helping me with my home claim. I had water damage in the ceiling and broken tiles on my roof due to the Hurricane. You made the process very easy and stress-free. I highly recommend their services and your attention. Thank you, Daines!
Diana Subirat