Plumbing Leaks

SOS! You have a plumbing leak at home and you don’t know what to do. It has caused a lot of significant damage, you filed a claim but your insurance company does not want to cover it. The solution is simple, hire a public adjuster to help you get the amount of money you deserve for your loss. Remember the smallest leak can cause real damage to your property, having someone by your side is the best thing you can do.

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Causes of Plumbing Leaks

You probably ask yourself “how did it happen?” How did a plumbing leak create this disaster? There are many possible factors, the bigger the problem, the more it causes damage to your place. Some of these factors are water pressure that is uneven, cracks on pipes due to changes in temperature, rusty pipes, pipes are broken because of roots of trees and the natural movement of the place over time, which makes pipes move as well.

Different Types of Plumbing Leaks

Understanding water losses is somewhat difficult for property owners, people don’t know much about them and it is difficult to differentiate them. Some of the types of plumbing leaks have to do with leaks in tubs and shower, which cause drain leaks and splash and tile leaks. There are also drain leaks, supply leaks and sink rim leaks, which enter in a type of plumbing leaks known as “sinks”. Finally, toilet flange leaks, which conform to another type.

How can you know if you have plumbing leaks?

There are some signs to notice if you have plumbing leaks. The first one is the water bill, if it is unusually high there is a problem then. Second, the pinwheel water meter, if it spins frequently and you turned off the water in your house, something is wrong. Third, the one you will notice more, wet areas in your place.

Insurance coverage and plumbing leaks

Insurance companies do cover water damage from plumbing systems, if it is accidental of course, although some only cover the replacement of the pipes and leave your floors damaged. Moreover, in some states, insurance companies have eliminated the coverage for plumbing leaks, while some others reduced it, now, water losses cannot be older than 14 days and there are some tests that can determine if it has been occurring for longer than that. Bad news for homeowners.

Despite what was explained before, any insurance company should cover this:

  • Residential, or also called, dwelling damage: this refers to damage caused to the foundation of your property or pipes built in it. This should also cover, appliances, such as a water heater.
  • Property coverage: your insurance companies should cover your personal belongings and things that are damaged due to water loss.
  • Living expenses: expenses like hotels, food and storage regarding the recovery of your place due to the plumbing leak problem should be reimbursed.

What Insurances do not Cover

The most common reason why insurance companies do not cover plumbing leaks is the poor maintenance owners give to the property. If you file a claim, an adjuster will inspect your place looking for the spot where the damages pipes are, then, they will deduce whether the damage was caused for an old pipe a new one. They will look for signs of plumbing leaks, like wet areas, and they will decide if the damage was because of deterioration and old age.

In conclusion, if there were signs of wear and tear and if the inspection shows that the reason for the problem was one of the things named before, your insurance company will not cover the damage. Since the maintenance of the appliances that are broken or need to be fixed is a property owner’s duty.

How Can Plumbing Leaks Affect Your Home?

There are occasions when plumbing leaks cause the entire destruction of the inside of properties, it can happen suddenly or it can be due to lack of maintenance, whatever the cause is, the truth is that structural damage is expensive, if you let the problem continue, mold will streak along the walls and originate discoloration and staining. Furthermore, mold and fungi can generate spores, which remain in the air and become toxic and harmful to the health of your family and yours.

The smallest leak is catastrophic, even if you fixed it, it will have repercussions on the value of your property if you ever want to sell it, since people might think the problem is still there, which means the price will go down.

Reopen-denied claims insurance
Reopen-denied claims insurance
Reopen-denied claims insurance
Reopen-denied claims insurance

Plumbing Leaks Claims

Insurance companies receive many claims. Among the top 10, you can find plumbing leaks, and among the list of water claims these are the most common:

  • Drain Pipe Leaks
  • Toilet Overflows
  • Water Heater Leaks
  • Frozen Pipe Burst and Ice Dams
  • Tub Overflows
  • Water Pipe Leaks, pipe breaks and burst pipes

Why is it important to hire a Public Adjuster?

Property owners do not know about plumbing leaks, policies or claims, they believe what insurance companies say and these only want to win without taking into consideration the problems of the owner. If you have a case of plumbing leaks, the best option is to call a public adjuster to handle the situation. With a public adjuster by your side, the process will be less tedious.

We will deal with the situation for you. We know how to manage insurance companies. We have the experience to carry out your claim and get a successful recovery of your place. With us, you will have the best service you can find, our mission is to ensure they pay the correct compensation for your claim.

We review the coverage of your policy, inspect the damage of the property, meet with the adjuster of your insurance, prepare and submit your claim and we negotiate with the company while you concentrate in recovering your lifestyle. We know everything about financial aspects and the techniques required to win a claim. We will represent you the best way possible.
Your insurance might only cover some repairs, leaving the rest broken and damaged, if you allow us to take care of the claim and the details you will win. Contact us and let us help you with the unforeseen event. With us, you will not have to worry about anything!


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