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Has it ever happened to you that your house has been stolen, suffered some damage such as a flood or has been the victim of a catastrophe and your insurance claim has been denied? what would you do in that case?

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Our public adjusters will be happy to help and advise you in each of these steps:

  1. Stay calm, do not let your emotions affect you, we know the situation that is happening but being impulsive is not the best to solve this problem.
  2. We will check the content of your policy, it is possible that with the hurry this has been overlooked.
  3. We will present an appeal to your name, this involves a long process, we have to be patient.
  4. If at this point you still have problems with your insurance company, you should immediately contact a public appraiser who has experience in this type of problem.

The main reasons why companies deny your insurance are:

  1. Report the damage too late, the insurance requires that the damage be reported as soon as possible and extremely detailed.
  2. Insurance payment, your claim may be denied if you were not continuous in paying your insurance.
  3. Reporting false information, giving a false report is a serious act and will lead to the denial of your claim.
  4. Not giving enough information in the report, it is essential to mention every detail caused on your property, it is your responsibility to carry out a well-prepared report.
  5. Clauses of exclusion, it is very important to understand the clauses in your insurance policy, each company has its exclusions.
  6. Take preventive measures, the insurance company will always expect you to be extremely careful with your property after any damage if you suffer the same damage continuously the claim may be denied.

What happens if your claim is denied?

  1. Read your policy again, carefully and deliberately read each line, you must be aware of everything and be sure that you do not mislead or ignore an insurance exclusion.
  2. Check your denial notice, be sure to make the report well and verify everything in detail.
  3. Check all the documents you have collected, be sure to check each document and have not passed a receipt.
  4. Contact a public adjuster, if you feel that the error is from the company, especially if you were denied the claim being verified everything, it would be better to contact a public appraiser expert on these issues.
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What is the process of reopening claims?

For the reopening of a claim, a visit from the public appraiser must be made, it will be carried out on their property where they will review each document in detail, the estimate and policy of your insurance and all the repair records that were carried out, once all of this has been evaluated, the public appraiser will decide if the claim can be opened or not, if the claim can be reopened, the appraiser will contact your insurance and then re-evaluate the damage to your property.

If your claim has been denied and you do not know how to do it in this case, we recommend that you contact Ricardo Public Adjusters. They will be able to advise you on everything you need, they have a good record of resolved cases, they will do everything possible to your claim is evaluated successfully and without any kind of problem.


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