Hurricane Insurance Claims

Living in Florida, particularly in Miami & South Florida, hurricanes are such a part of our culture that we even have sport teams like the Miami Hurricanes from UM named after them. Although they have become a part of us throughout the years, they never stop being dangerous storms that have a great chance of damaging your property.

Some hurricanes that caused a lot of damage in Florida throughout the last thirty years like hurricane Andrew, hurricane irma, and hurricane Michael to name a few. Totaling into the hundreds of billions of dollars in damages.

Depending on where you live in Florida, you can have serious damages from sea surges that can cause serious water damage to your property or simply some shingles lifted from your roof causing roof leaks in your home.

Below is an example of a hurricane claim we did recently where you can see that the damage is simply one tile. Most homeowners think that their property needs to be severely damaged in order to get a claim settlement from your insurance company. Yet Ricardo Public Adjusters was able to file a claim and get the roof repaired with only a few tiles missing.

hurricane claim for roof damage to Miami, Florida home

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Hurricane Damages

According to The Congressional Budget Office, 1.2 million Americans live in coastal areas that are at risk of substantial damage from hurricanes. The National Hurricane Center estimates that these areas, for the most part, are less than 10 feet above sea level.

It also estimates that government costs for hurricane damage are $28 billion a year. Florida contributes 55% of it, Texas 13%, and Louisiana 9%. Moreover, high winds within the storm can originate widespread structural damage to both natural and man-made structures. These are more common during the summer and they can interrupt your business and some economic activities can stop for weeks and even months.

Hiring a Public Adjuster for Hurricanes Damage

A public adjuster is a professional, licensed by the state government, and the right person who can help you through a property insurance claim. You should contact a Public Adjuster after experiencing commercial or residential damages followed by a hurricane or storm. You will receive help as soon as possible.

Public Adjusters have deep knowledge about coverage contracts and that is the reason they will make sure you get all the funds entitled to you, under the terms of the policy. Adjuster’s expertise grants the proper understanding of how these policies work and the respective protocol to follow for repairs, even after your claim is denied.

Adjusters are hired by you and work for you. The insurance company’s adjusters are employed and paid to protect the interest of their company. This is the reason Public Adjusters will ensure fair value for your claim.
Hurricanes and high-speed winds expose your property to severe damages from the windstorm and associated floodwaters. However, property flood and windstorm contracts do not correspond to the same type of claim.
Windstorm contracts do not include harm from floods, and the flood contracts exclude windstorm damages. In addition, you will need to rectify which weather phenomenon caused the respective losses, but do not worry, Public Adjusters will make it easier for you to deduce which ruined your property.

If I hired a Public Adjuster, what would the next steps be?

The first step is to sign a Contract. Reach out for the Public Adjuster of your preference, provide them as many details of your property damage as possible and then, schedule a consultation to check an estimation of your property loss. Keep in mind that during this consultation, all the terms of your policy should be reviewed.

Be open to the suggestions your Public Adjuster may recommend, he/she does that based on the losses or coverage you need. If everything is to your liking, you are ready to officially sign the contract, allowing them to contact your security provider.

Later, the investigation proceeds. Your Adjuster will analyze your policy to be sure about the limitations, coverage, exclusions, and any other form needed. This will let you collect and present the documentation of your losses.

Present the claim; your Adjuster should review all the documents with you by their side so they can get your approval before any claim submission. Moreover, the Adjuster will divide the claim into diverse categories to align with applicable policy provisions.

Negotiate and settle, after your claim is submitted, your Adjuster must make sure about its status, so it does not take a lot of time. Any questions, or need for clarification during the negotiation process should be answered. Remember, the claim shouldn’t be settled without your consent.

Hire a Public Adjuster for Hurricanes

We have the expertise, skills and experience to make this process simple for you. When you choose a Public Adjuster for hurricane damages, you have a player on your team, someone who wants you to get the highest returns from your property loss.

When you have us by your side to ensure you get satisfied with the results, there will be no confusion because we speak the same language used by security providers. Try not to stress out so much by thinking about things you don’t know anything about and can’t solve on your own. Get the help of professional Public Adjusters, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.


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