How To File A FEMA Claim

Some people live near areas where natural disaster can happen or are common. Things you do not see every day, such as tornadoes, fires, hurricanes, winter storms and any other type of disaster you can imagine, actually happen and leave people without a home or with a damaged one. You probably think that insurance companies should deal with this, but there are cases when FEMA is a good option.

How To File A FEMA Claim

What is FEMA?

In case you don’t know, the answer is short. The acronym stands for The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is in charge of preventing and mitigating the consequences of natural disasters. They also respond to domestic disasters caused by men or naturally generated.

Who qualifies for FEMA assistance?

The Federal Government can help victims of natural disaster who do not have financial resources, whether the damaged place was their home or business, but this can only happen if your insurance company does not cover all the losses.

How does FEMA work?

The first thing you need to know is that you must file an insurance claim before even filing a FEMA claim, even if you know your insurance coverage will not cover all the losses, it is a requirement you must meet. Something to consider is that FEMA is not going to restore your place and recover it to the way it was. No. They help people who don’t have the means to rebuild or replace anything and whose insurance does not cover the damage.

What if you are homeless due to the hurricane?

This is the most important kind of case they attend. People actually experience this after hurricanes, so it becomes FEMA’s number one priority along with some other needs, like clothing, medical assistance, food, and water. FEMA can provide this, but you need to meet some criteria: living in a federal disaster area and having insurance coverage, which does not cover all. Moreover, you need to prove you cannot replace your belongings by other means, also that you exhausted all the resources and you have to meet some citizenship requirements.

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How can you receive help from FEMA?

FEMA has a web page and phone numbers, which you will find online. You can visit the page or call, whatever you prefer. A recommendation from the beginning is to be patient. Remember you have to file your insurance claim first and you have to show them your claim was denied.

Now, take paper and a pen, this is how it starts: you need to have the information below to send your application.

Requirement 1: Social Security Number
You or a member of your family must have this information and you or one of them must be a citizen or non-citizen national. If you don’t have a Social Security Number and your family does not have it either, you can apply for a new card or a replacement.
Requirement 2: Insurance Information
Here, you need to explain what kind of insurance coverage you paid for. Include policies, like a flood, vehicle, homeowners and all the information you can give.
Requirement 3: Financial Information
Give your total household annual income.
Requirement 4: Information about the Damage
Provide all the damage information that the hurricane caused. Give descriptions of your belongings, the type of natural disaster, the type of dwelling and how bad the loss was.
Requirement 5: Contact Information
Include the current direction and the one before the disaster, a phone number of the damage place and a phone number to reach you.
Requirement 6: Deposit information
Although this is optional, you can add it to your application. Provide routing and account number if you think you need funds for assistance because of the hurricane. You just need this information: the bank name, type of account, routing number and account number.

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