Homeowner Insurance Claims

The effects of a loss at home are shocking, although, not all losses are so critical and you can always rebuild your home and get back to normal life. As a homeowner, it is important for you to be protected and prepared for any property damage or loss. Regardless of the cause, you should make sure that the insurance adjustments and the repairs are done correctly. Therefore, good insurance coverage plays an important part.

Homeowners Claims

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Insurance coverage

The insurance coverage for residential claims refers to the amount of risk that is covered by insurance services in cases of unforeseen events to help the users recover financially. The regular coverage for residential claims, normally, provides ordinance coverage and some living expenses, such as the cost of the temporary location, the rent, what you are going to eat, and some other things you pay for. This implies that the company will assure the return to normal state of any loss or damage of your home, building or place.

Main coverage

Each aspect of your home insurance policy should be considered, you are the one who decides which insurance company adjuster you want and what kind of insurance coverage you need. Depending on this, certain things will be covered. The main one are these:

  • Dwelling Coverage: It covers the dwelling, additions and playground.
  • Living expenses: Evidently, as your place recovering will be ongoing, you need to stay somewhere else. Accordingly, you should make sure to keep in your possession the receipts of the hotel or rent of the place where you will be located, the storage and also food. Expenses you otherwise would not have brought upon yourself. These living expenses will help you financially, so you can keep a decent quality of living.
  • Other Structures: This covers any structure not attached to the place, as garages, driveways, fences or sidewalks.
  • Personal property: It refers to the coverage of contents in possession of the owner of the place, including personal belongings such as clothing, appliances, furniture, tools, curtains, antiques, sporting elements and many other things. Please, make a list of everything you possess, take pictures if possible.
  • Water Damage: While flooding is commonly covered under flood policies, water entering the place through the roof and caused by the damage can be covered, as well as water damage from a burst pipe.
  • Law and Ordinance: Due to building codes and depending on the laws applied where you live, the increased cost of construction can be under the policy coverage.
    However, filling a residential claim can be complicated and a time-consuming task. The process is tedious, adding to it the emotions and shock you can feel in the event of residential damage.

The process of a residential claim

  1. Contact the company. As soon as the event happens, you need to contact your insurance company to let them know about the incident and clear all the doubts.
  2. Understand the deadlines. To submit claim a claim you need to know the time you have left to do it.
  3. Copy of the insurance. Request a certified copy of the policy, since you may not have certain things covered under it. Reading it helps you understand better what you paid for. 
  4. Make sure they examine the place. The company will send an adjuster to take a look to the property and the damage.
  5. Be conscious of the damage. Protecting your possessions from more damage is crucial.
  6. Have an expert determine the salvage ability of your personal property and possessions.
  7. Hire a public adjuster. It is recommendable to hire your own public adjuster to represent you during the process.
  8. Make a list of things that were damaged or lost. This is necessary. You will give it to your public adjuster to calculate the cost of the losses.
  9. Document everything. Take pictures of broken things or damaged items right after the event occurred.
  10. Save the receipts. If your property is seriously damaged and you need to stay in another location, keep the receipts, insurance coverage also cover the living expenses.

The payment

Now, you need to consider that the initial payment that the insurance company gives you is and advance and not the final payment, and you should not accept the total amount at the beginning. The thing is, you have to sign some papers and if you do not go carefully, then you will accept a bad offer. Be smart, the insurance company wants to win and so do you.

Public adjusters

A licensed professional who can be hired to represent the interest of the client in the event of a residential claim is known as a public adjuster. These people are a balance between the insurance company and the policyholder. Their tasks consist in managing the claim, filling the forms and they also make sure that the recovering money the company is offering is what the owner of the place deserves.

If your place was severely damaged, you probably need to hire a public adjuster to represent you, look out for you and guide you. In this way, you will have someone by your side and there will not be any mistakes.

To choose a public adjuster, the first requirement is the experience that person has. Even though you are dealing with a terrible situation, you need to make time to call for references. Most of the owners of a place have never been in a similar situation and do not know how to deal with it, they trust the insurance company and believe they will cover everything and this is when the problem starts. They will call for documents, they will give you an amount you will not consider right or they will deny some things.

Hiring an experienced person will help you cope with the demand. We know how to manage the process and the company, since we have experience in the field. We will be in charge of ensuring the recovering of your property and give you the full amount you deserve. Our job is to make sure the company rebuilds you place and our goal is to negotiate the coverage of all the damages. We will have your back along the claim. We will look over your shoulder. Call us right away to help you walk through this unforeseen event.


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