Commercial Property Damages

Business owners have many responsibilities that can’t be postponed while you are attempting to get through the insurance claim process, especially when your business is trying to overcome a significant loss.

No one will ever know your business more than you do, we know that. However, during this hard time, we suggest you be focusing on keeping your business functioning, instead of dealing with your insurance company and trying to understand all the information about insurances. That is our Public Adjuster’s duty.

The most intelligent way of dealing with a commercial claim is by having solid documentation and evidence of your losses. Public Adjusters specialized in commercial losses can assist you during mitigation.

We play on your team when it comes to commercial property damage. We understand you just want to submit your claim right away, but the insurance companies are only looking after themselves and most likely, they won’t pay the full extent of your property.

damages to commercial properties by hurricane damage in Florida

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Common commercial property claims

Some of the most common commercial property claims aren’t always business related, sometimes it’s just damage to the property, or it can be as serious as theft. Many different damages can fall under the cloak of commercial property claims.

  • Business interruption claims; these are very common because any damage can interrupt your business activities.
  • Burglary and theft; whether these are monetary losses from employees thefts or other thefts. Even if you have taken adequate measures such as cameras, alarm systems, etc, it can still happen to you. This is also part of the documentation so you can make your claim for commercial damages.
  • Storms damages; for example in the state of Florida, we are used to the damages that windstorms and hurricanes can cause. 15% of commercial property damage claims are caused by wind and/or hail.
  • Fire; no matter how large or small they are, they need to be taken very seriously. Generally, there are more damages than what meets the eye. For example, smoke and ashes can affect everything, from the structure of your place to your merchandise and what you have on stock. About 10% of these claims are fire-related.
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Commercial Damages 2

How does the commercial claim process work?

  • First, there will be an inspection of your property and a detailed evaluation of the damages will be performed
  • Documentation of all damages or losses
  • Present all necessary paperwork on your behalf
  • Determine and calculate costs for the settlement of losses, this includes any loss from business interruption. To determine business interruption, a professional forensic accountant needs to go to your place this is to make sure all complexities of your claim are handled appropriately.
  • Negotiation with your insurance company.

How can an experienced commercial Public Adjuster help?

A business can suffer a big loss; it can range from your expertly trained employees to a year’s income. Here are some of the losses a business might endure: loss of production, loss of future income, loss of employees as well as customers.

When you fill a business insurance claim, some things may go unnoticed. However, a Public Adjuster knows exactly what types of coverage you can claim for and if you are eligible for one of them and that’s why a public adjuster is more than pleased to uncover problems; for example, you may be offered a settlement covering surface-level damage, but a Public Adjuster will inspect for deeper damage, and if he or she discovers something else, they will know how to make a claim for that as well.

Commercial Public Adjusters will guide you in building damage mitigation by managing the whole claim process on behalf of the insured, especially because there are critical tasks that demand expert consultation.

Why hire a Commercial Public Adjuster?

Business and commercial properties usually have individualized insurance policies. This may have a commercial property and/or business owner very disconcerted when it comes to the policy.

Just when your business needs you the most you have to fill an insurance claim and it is taking much of your time and you can’t fully dedicate time to your business. But today’s business owners are understanding the benefits of working with an experienced Public Adjuster, including less stress, bigger settlements and deep knowledge of policies when documenting a claim.

When you have the help of the right professional in this adjusting business, you can successfully get through an insurance claim. There are many bricks you want to avoid when dealing with an insurance company and the Public Adjuster we will send out is going to have your best interest in mind.

How do we help your business?

Our veteran Public Adjusters, with their combined knowledge and their expertise, can help you recover from little interruptions to extensive interruptions done to your property; such as natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail and other disasters.

If you take on these claims by yourself, it could be very confusing, especially if you do not fully comprehend the terms associated with your insurance company and claim. Our goal is not to just get the most out of your claim, but to be the guide you need through this stressful recovery process.

If you are one of these businesses owners who have suffered from a disaster, remember that insurance companies are looking for their best interests, and that means they have their own experts, but that does not mean you are entitled to their experts, you are entitled to your own experts!


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