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Underpaid Claim/Denied Claim Case Study

Mrs. Lopez VS Insurance Adjuster, she was told her damages did not even pass more than her insurance deductible. Then, our public adjusters helped her recover $46,000 for the damages to her property


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The homeowners suffered roof damages and water intrusion as a result of Hurricane Irma.

After the storm, the nightmare began. Many properties and homeowners suffered damages after the Hurricane. Most homeowners were not worried because they were under the impression that their insurance company was going to take care of everything and pay for any damages. Fortunately, most of the dwelling was coverage by an insurance policy after all, when you bought the insurance’ policy, you purchased peace of mind. Unfortunately, when homeowners file a claim to the insurance company, they often receive a denial letter supporting by an engineer report or a short payment. After all, the insurance companies know the game and take advantage of their resources to deny our underpaid claims.

That is the case for many of our customers that have had trust in their insurer. So, then they realize that file a claim it does only consist of making the call and report it. Carla Lopez with a resident in Miami Dade made the call to her insurer back in 2017 after hurricane Irma to report a loss in her property the insurance company assigns the claim to one of their insurance adjusters for claim investigation. At the inspection, Mrs., Lopez walked the insurance adjuster through the resident showing all the damage and her concerns. The insurance adjuster wrote a note and sketched parts of the property, making questions with a hidden agenda to Mrs. Lopez. 60 days later she received a letter from the insurance company stating, “We have finalized our investigation due to your Hurricane deductible that is higher than the cost of the repairs no payment is needed to be issued”.


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Consequently, Mrs. Lopez decided to call a Public Adjuster for an evaluation. However, the public adjuster support what the insurance company had stating adding, “the loss is not enough for a claim.” After, all the effort made by Mrs. Lopez, she resident about found coverage for her property. Two years later Mrs., Lopez was referred to our office by one of our clients an initial evaluation was scheduled, and the estimate was made after 25 days from the retention day our firm start the representation we demanded appraisal to the insurance company settled Mrs., Lopez’ claim for $46k. Hiring an experienced public adjuster is crucial. The result of your claim made a wrong decision could lead to money loss. Your insurance company has an adjuster you should have one.