Broken Drain Lines

A damaged pipe inside your property can cause great problems. It is a process that involves a long time and a great expense for your pocket to repair the loss. Many people who have tried to solve this kind of problem to ask a question: “Who will cover all these damages?” Getting a public adjuster that is reliable enough to deal with this problem with the drainage lines is the first thing to do if you want to get compensation for the damage caused to your property.

Many assume that, since they have their property insured, a check will arrive by mail to replace and cover the damages. It is a serious mistake to assume this, depending on your insurance policy, it may not cover these damages. There are many reasons why you should talk to public adjusters about your case.

Broken Drain Lines

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If you decide to fix the pipe by yourself be careful

If the pipes were damaged due to your negligence, either because you tried to fix the pipe on your own or just thought you could handle the loss, you will only get the insurance not to send you a penny. The reason is that your home insurance policy is designed to cover damages caused by yourself, not because of you. This is very important for owners of old houses with old pipes. It is possible that these owners do not know about the condition of the pipe, but this is the responsibility of the owner and not of the insurance, not having knowledge of a problem does not mean that the insured must pay for the damages. Although Florida home insurers are not allowed to refuse to provide coverage just for the age of a home, claims can still be denied because of the age of their home and their pipes.

Insurers in the coverage of broken pipes

Insurance companies take into consideration that you are responsible for maintaining the plumbing of your property. You must repair or replace any broken pipe at the right time to avoid any kind of problem. Most insurance covers part of the damage caused by the water if it occurs as a result of a broken pipe inside the property. Including the cost of replacing the pipe inside the home, it depends on whether the break occurred due to “sudden and unexpected” damage or due to the owner’s fault. A public adjuster can help you in this circumstance, making sure that the insurance company does not attempt to deny or underestimate your claim.

How our public adjusters can help you

If you still have the same problem for a long time this will only get worse. Broken drain lines are a big headache, can cost you a lot and can take a long time. Is it necessary for you to be stressed by this problem? Of course not! Our public adjusters will be happy to help you with whatever they can and avoid any stress that this entails.

We want you to live a peaceful life without worrying about a broken drain line and get the compensation you deserve for all the damages suffered by your property. Our team of professional public adjusters has handled a large number of cases of broken drainage lines and has succeeded beyond expectations. At Ricardo Public Adjuster we are always on hand for any problem you may have.

Broken drainage lines and water damage

Most broken drainage lines end in water damage and can harm you and your family. Water can cause great damage to a property and can create health hazards such as mold. If this happens it will involve a long and tedious process without mentioning expensive fixing. As public adjusters, we help you measure your damages and talk to your insurance company to get the most out of your claim.

Symptoms of broken drain lines

It is usually very difficult to observe a broken drain line since they are underground or behind the walls. However, there are some symptoms that you can observe in your home that will give an indication of a broken drain line.

  • Block in wastewater, such as: from the drains of your toilet, sink, and bathtub.
  • The smell of sewer is very strong.
  • The creation of mold.
  • The drainage system is slow.
  • Have an area on your lawn that is greener than other areas. That could be from an underground leak.
  • Cracks in your walls.
  • Rat plague. They live in the sewers and can travel from the wastewater to their homes.

If you are beginning to notice this on your property, it is strongly recommended that you request a specialist’s consultation to observe the damages that have occurred on your property and then hire a public adjuster who can negotiate an agreement with the insurers or communicate with Ricardo public adjusters who will provide the best service.

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What can happen to your house if you have a broken drain line?

Broken drainage lines not only expel an unpleasant odor, people exposed to them can face health hazards. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, levels of indoor air pollutants can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels and much more extreme in certain cases. When they break the drainage lines they release harmful bacteria on their property, such as E. coli, salmonella and pinworms, which cause problems in the digestive tract.

How to avoid broken drainage lines

There are many reasons why drainage lines are broken, these can be due to weather, trees or another environmental aspect. However, broken drainage lines are probably caused by not being able to maintain them adequately and by human error. To avoid a broken drain line problem, we recommend that you follow these tips:

  1. Do not wash objects that can not be undone, such as toys or oils.
  2. Use plastic tubes instead of metal tubes.
  3. Keep a record of the growth of tree roots
  4. Inspect your pipes regularly.
  5. In other cases, if the broken drain line is easy to fix, you can unclog the drain using the sodium bicarbonate and vinegar method.

Statistical information on broken drain lines

  • Property insurance claims for damages caused by water are estimated at 45% of the claims that were filed.
  • $ 8,861 is the average amount awarded to homeowners who claimed water damage.
  • Most owners have coverage for accidental leaks and pipe flooding.
  • 14,000 owners have filed water damages in a single year and approximately $ 6,965 were handed over to property owners in the state of Florida only.

Does your insurance cover the broken drain line?

In most homeowners’ insurance, a broken drain line is considered “another structure” of the home. This means that it is covered in the same way as other factors in your policy. The causes that would be covered if the broken drainage line breaks are:

  • Lightning or fire
  • Explosions
  • Vandalism
  • Hail or wind storm
  • Unrest
  • Objects that fall
  • Damage caused by airplanes or vehicles.
  • A volcano erupting

In addition, insurance companies can cover it if the damaged drain line caused damage to the drywall, paint, carpets and provides any other service you need to clean up the damage.

When the damage is not covered by your insurance?

As with most insurance, damages would not be covered if there is evidence of physical damage to the sewer pipes or if there is wastewater again.

If the broken drain lines occurred unexpectedly and/or by accident, your insurance company could reimburse you, but if you ignore the leak or broken pipe, the insurance company can deny your claim as they expect you to keep your property always.

Public adjusters can help you get the most out of your insurance claims and provide an abundance of resources to ensure that the work is done.

How much would it cost to fix it by yourself?

It costs around $ 549 on average to repair a broken drain line and can range from $ 500 to $ 1,150, depending on the severity of the damage and other factors, such as the location of the damage, the cause of the breakdown and the cleaning costs.

What are the common solutions for drain lines?

Professional plumbers are expensive depending on the severity of the drain pipe. But if you want other solutions before calling a professional, here are some tips:

Clean the pipe under the sink. Place a bucket under the pipe, look for the cleaning plug and, finally, clean the clear obstruction with a coat rack. If there is no plug, close all water lines and unscrew the pipe from under the sink. This should clear the jam.


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