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Ricardo Public Adjusters

Here at Ricardo Public Adjusters, We have a very straightforward but essential mission: to provide an excellent claim representation for our clients to maximize and speed the claims settlement.

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Being the voice of our community in tough times is our compromise. At Ricardo Public Adjusters, we give personal care to your claims. We work hard until we recover the last penny you deserve.
From a claimant to a public adjuster, that is the trajectory of our company. Since 2015 we have recovered more than $350 million for our community.

2013 Mr. Arevalo faces two losses in his property connected to an accidental discharge term used by insurance compies to describe a plumbing incident. The insurance company denied coverage for one of the claims and issued a partial payment for the second claim.

2016 after three years from the reporting date, Mr. Arevalo finally settled both claims. Mr. Arevalo, the founder of Ricardo Public Adjusters, had to face dispositions, lowball offers, and inadequate treatment from his insurance company delaying the process for almost four years. The need for an aggressive Public Adjuster in our community was evident. Therefore, Ricardo Arevalo came into the public adjuster industry.

2017 after finishing the public adjuster training, Ricardo Arevalo founded Ricardo Public Adjusters, a Florida Public Adjuster firm based in Miami, Florida, serving all states. Since then, We have worked for our community, giving personal care to all the claims we handle. As a family company, we understand how difficult it can be for many families to face their insurance company when the time to pay comes. Our mission is to change how insurance compies handle claims. With the support of our community, we can change it.

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